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Cathryn Stephens gave it 5 Stars

 Written like your oldest partner-in-crime friend is telling a wild tale of your youth, this novella is a fun read with all the elements of a good story: shenanigans, levity, and suspense. The high stakes ticket brokering business made for a real, but risky business in the 1990’s. That, along with some creative graphic design work around VIP access and parking passes, leaves the reader concerned for Doug and Carlo’s well-being... and sanity. Eventually, like so many good things of the past, new technology acted as the disruptor, leaving behind only this reminiscence. 

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Reviewed By Lisa McCombs for Readers’ Favorite gave it 5 Stars

Not long out of high school, Doug Marsh volunteered to drive a band mate to a Van Halen concert if only the ticket holder agreed to sell it to Doug. Of course that ticket came at a price and one that Doug really couldn’t afford. But it was 1984 and Van Halen was hot, especially when the performance was only a few miles away at the Forum in Inglewood, California. Paying the price was a no-brainer to Doug. Working for a computer programming company, Doug was not excited about his job, but at least it kept him in the black and allowed him to acquire mediocre concert tickets. Then he met event ticket broker Carlo and his musical entertainment opportunities took a turn for the better.

Never Sold Out by Doug Marsh is an enlightening look at the behind the scenes of first class ticket acquisition. As Doug learned the ropes from Carlo, he got a taste for the VIP world of entertainment events in Southern California. From mega music stars of the era to sports playoffs, Doug and Carlo were privy to only the best seats. Never Sold Out is fast-paced and honest in its perspective on the West Coast 1980s and ‘90s. One thing that struck me is the clean environment in which Doug and Carlo existed. Even with expected street drugs being showcased in the news, the sincere interest in the entertainment world was refreshing. A fun combination of reality and surprising outcomes, this is an interesting look at concert celebrity when vinyl was still revered and record stores were popular hangouts.

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L. Brock gave it 5 Stars.

Anyone going to concerts in the 80's and 90's remembers the ordeal of getting tickets to see your favorite bands in concert can relate to this book. The days of getting up early to stand in line and buy tickets takes a turn when the new ticket broker comes to town! Brought back a lot of great memories! 

J. Galt gave it 5 Stars.

 This book was referred to me by a friend. A fellow Music and concert lover. I loved going to concerts, listening to music, being the 1st to get that new record by the hottest band of the 80s and 90s. This book brought back so many personal memories for me. It was so much fun to go to concerts and Anticipate the tours for the bands of the 80s and 90s. This book goes behind the scenes, and more in depth of what it was like. From waiting in line to get your ticket or buying a ticket from a broker, The anticipation of the next show was so exciting. Doug Marsh has a wonderful way of Bringing you into the Pages of this book and much more. This is a non-fiction account of that era. There is one point in book that I laughed so hard that other people in the Doctor Office, where I was Reading this book, started giving me dirty looks. Definitely order this book. You will not be disappointed. As for me I think I'm going to go down to the local record store.