About Us

Doug Marsh



Doug Marsh has worked a variety of exciting, fulfilling jobs. He was a producer for a rock radio station in Las Vegas for years, then eventually a co-host on the show. He currently works as a sports announcer for local teams. He is lucky in that his wife and son like the same kind of music as he does. Well, at least most of it. So, they are often at concerts together, though not only in Las Vegas, but also in Southern California, and even Seattle, when the stars align for such an adventure.

To listen to a podcast Doug did about the book on SparksRadio HERE.

Carlo Brigola



Carlo Brigola has been in medical sales for the past fifteen years. He has been married for nearly thirty years to his wonderful wife, Richelle. They have lived in the Pacific Northwest for the past twenty years. Their family includes two nearly grown boys. Giovanni, twenty-one years old, is a passionate soccer player and graphic arts major. Gio designed the cover of this book. Massimo is a brilliant seventeen-year-old who is hoping to go to the Air Force Academy upon completion of high school. Carlo and Richelle are thankful for the many gifts and blessings they have enjoyed so far throughout their lives together.

Courtney Harler - Editor



Courtney Harler is a writer, instructor, and freelance manuscript editor in Las Vegas, Nevada. She holds an MA in English Literature from Eastern Washington University and an MFA in Creative Writing from Sierra Nevada College. A comprehensive list of her published work can be found at www.courtneyharler.wordpress.com. Courtney can be reached at caharler@earthlink.net.